You’re No Angel Either – How to Dress With Edge


I receive ton of emails from women (some bloggers too) about wanting to achieve edgier styling. This look made me think of how simple these styles are to achieve. PHere are a few tips that I want to share with you:

1) Keep your color palette neutral. The only bold colors that you should have are accent pieces or makeup items (like lipstick).

2) Play around with layering. Challenge yourself to find a few different ways to wear your favorite pieces. You’ll be surprised and pleased by the things you come up with!

3) Embrace imperfection! Holes, burn outs, bleach stains and ripped clothing are grunge staples. The more character, the better – so don’t throw those distressed boots away!


Today, I’m wearing the Destroyed Graphic Print tee and Everything Rosey pencil skirt from Free People. The boots are Jeffrey Campbell and the faux leather bra is from Forever 21.


As always, if you have any more questions on how to put things together or are interested in scheduling a personal shopping session, email me at


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