Wearing White After Labor Day & Creating Your Own Set of Fashion Rules


I had white Kenneth Cole heels that I wore for my 6th grade graduation. They were beautiful. I wanted to wear them again after graduation but my Mom didn’t think that they were appropriate for a normal school day.

Fall rolled around and I just knew that I could wear them to my new junior high school. Not! “You can’t wear those after Labor Day,” is what my Mom said. Like all other rules that your parents tell you to abide by, the no white after Labor Day rule made no sense to me, but I just went along with it. Moms know best, right?

Our mothers mean well. Besides, a lot of traditional fashion rules have been passed down from generation to generation.

Now, I realize how ridiculous a lot of these rules are so I have created my own set that work for me:

-No Sandals in the winter without socks.

-Never compromise on the fit of your clothing.

-The law of least effort works. If your clothes fit correctly and are stylish,
you never have to try too hard!

-Doubt means no. If you’re unsure of what you’re wearing, you should probably take it off and try something else.

-Quality fabrics go a long way.

What are some of your fashion rules? Share them with us!




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