Shop the Sale 12/5

Shop the Sale 12/5

Grocery Store Chic

Grocery Store Chic

Ever been that fabulous girl that let her guard down for a quick run for avocados at the grocery store? Of course you run into, that girl who never liked you in high school, who looks you up in down and spreads rumors that you’re homeless.

Why does it have it be that way? When you head to the store, you can still be chic. Cool sneakers and an LA style beanie works wonders…and will refute all rumors of homelessness!

The GC Presents: Shop the Sale

Shop the Sale 10/29

Every week, we will style a set that features cool sale items from the web. For my frugalistas! The sets will also include low-cost items (that aren’t on sale), like the $30 blue Zara clutch above.

As always, happy shopping. Share with your friends, family and co-workers.

How To Choose A Personal Wardrobe Stylist


Personal stylist. Personal shopper. Wardrobe stylist. These are all terms that you now hear on a regular basis, thanks to their contributions to pop culture via your favorite celebrities. Wardrobe stylists are now just as a famous as the people that they style, and are highly respected for the memorable looks that they put together.

But how do you get one? Personal stylists are easier to hire than they were 10 years ago. Partly because, there are more professionals in the field with different specialties. Some stylists work exclusively with corporate clientele, while other stylists only do editorial work. It is totally up to you to decide where and how a personal stylist should fit into your lifestyle. With so many personal stylists out there, how do you choose? Below you will find a small guide that will help you pick the perfect stylist for you!

Pay Attention To the Stylists’ Style

Now, stylists aren’t 100% fabulous 24/7. We stuff our faces, go for a run and get bloated from time to time just like everyone else. As a matter of fact, when I met Sex in the City stylist Patricia Field in New York, she was shopping in Uggs, Levi’s jeans and a Rocawear jacket…yet she was still stylish and cleans up quite nicely. Even when your stylist is dressed down, there look should show some attention to detail. A ring, nice hair color, a purple purse instead of black, etc., can give you a preview of how they might style you. If they don’t put effort into their look while meeting up with you, pass. Would Tony Hawk show up to give you skateboarding lessons without a skateboard?

Your Stylist Shouldn’t Try to Change You…

…unless you ask. Great stylists understand how to respect their clients personal style while introducing a few new things that the client might like. If you find your personal stylist shoving their personal fashion agenda down your throat, let them know that you have not signed up for that! Your dream stylist will know how to add and remove their personal tastes from your shopping sessions so they can create YOUR vision.

Is Your Stylist True to Themselves?

This one is pretty simple.If your personal stylist isn’t sure of who they are, how will they style you? Look for confidence and true personal style.

Discuss Your Budget

Don’t shy away from a discussion on financials. The last thing that you need is an invoice sent to you with a budget that you cannot afford. Discuss what you are willing to pay. If the service that you want is too expensive, ask about cheaper services or shop around for a stylist that offers a lower price.

FYI, the cheaper stylist is not always the best and vice versa. Quality is what you should look for in your personal stylist. Consider your personal shopping experience an investment in yourself. Good luck with finding your personal wardrobe stylist! Please share your stories below or email them to

As always, I am available for personal wardrobe shopping for you at

Stay Fly, Che xoxo

I Will Die Without…

Velvet. This season’s guilty pleasure…

Glam tip: When wearing velvet, be simple and stick with blacks, dark blues, forest greens or deep purples. You don’t want to run the risk of looking like Prince…well maybe you do. Eh, I’m not judging you.

Glam Girl Thought: Release Your Personal Style

It was afternoon and I was 15 years-old. I sat on a tan brown loveseat with my girlfriend Jenee at my mother’s house. Not quite sure about how eccentric my ensemble was, but it had my mother and I in a verbal match. She sat across from me. “This is who I am!”, I exclaimed. “This is the way I choose to express myself.”

My mom didn’t understand. Neither did my BFF.

I did a lot of style experimenting in college. I arrived home from school once in boyfriend jeans (not really in style at the time), boxers, DC sneakers and a white v-neck. I was going through a skatergirl phase. I adored urban menswear at the time and Pharrell Williams’ style of course.

My best friend hated that look! She looked at me like I was crazy and could not understand why I wanted to look like a boy.

A few blue lipsticks and thigh high socks later, nothing changed. I still received stares and thumbs down (lol) from my family, peers and strangers alike. I felt insecure knowing that I didn’t have approval from those who were close to me. I wanted to be so many things to too many people and ended up all over the place. No matter what I wore, there were always dislikes.

When I turned 21, I felt something take over me. I became a woman. I no longer needed approval and from others to be me. Whatever someone liked or dislike was them expressing their opinion…and that was alright with me. I was unapologetic with my experiments with beauty and fashion. Things finally felt good.

My style is influenced by music, my mood, where I came from and where I wish to go. It is inspired by my adolescent years and the journey we take to self-discovery. I bought magazines and drooled over Proenza Schouler skirts and Roberto Cavalli animal print pants. There has always been something about fashion that pulled me in. It  is an organic part of my being.

I may be private and not so forthcoming with my thoughts and feelings all the time but…if you ever want to really know about me just watch what I wear. It will tell the story and stop you from trying to decipher my Facebook statuses.

Sidebar: My mom and :BFF are not in my life to like or agree with everything that I do and I’m grateful for them both. This isn’t about them or their thoughts. It’s about being able to take critisism without being offended or compromising who you are. 

Key Points in Releasing Your Personal Style

-Realize that you were put on this earth to make yourself happy.

-Let go of society’s norms and how you SHOULD look.

-Wear clothing that fits! Don’t get hung up on number sizes. I have size 4’s and 10’s in my closet and I can fit them both. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone in clothes that are too small.

-Be the best that you can be. If you are a Cali Hippie, be the best Cali Hippie that you can be. Find the hottest brands and designers for your look and embrace them.

-If it doesn’t feel right then it probably doesn’t look right. Let your conscience be your guide.

-Find a style icon. Contrary to popular belief, everyone has a style icon or someone that they admire that has influenced their style. Although there is no need to copy, look to see what worked for them. If they share your same style or body type or wear the same brands/designers that you like you can draw inspiration or the courage to take a chance!

-When bored or facing a lifestyle change, re-invent yourself.

-The more original your style the more attention you will get. No one goes in corporate buildings and takes pictures of how boring some man looks in his Dockers. The originators get the most feedback (positive and negative). Figure out if this is something that you can handle. If not play it safe.

Kisses xoxo,

The Glamour Commander

How To Wear Print on Print

Have you ever desired to wear a print on another print but didn’t know how? Mixing prints creates a depth in any look and screams “High Fashion!”. Here’s a few pointers on how to get the job done:

Color and shape do matter. Try to mix prints with the same size print for a better contrast…besides, it’s geometrically pleasing to the eye. If you’re mixing prints for the first time or are looking for a more conservative take on mixing, mix prints in the same color palette or the same print in different shades. It’s safe and fun.
Prada Fall 2010; Model wears two different tones of the same print.
 –Know what fabrics to mix and which ones to stay away from. You have to trust yourself to know which fabrics work and which ones do not…never mix rayon and organza though! Yikes.
Proenza Schouler model wears a printed cord sweater with graphic denim.
Have fun and experiment, experiment, experiment. Blast your favorite music and find your look through trail and error…it’s the best way to style!

Wardrobe Essential #3-Cigarette Legging

They flatter almost everyone. They make the slim look curvy and the curvy look even more curvaceous. This retro phenomenon which revisited retail stores and online boutiques internationally a few years back, should be in every womans closet.

The Cigarette Legging can be customized to fit any style since they can be worn several different ways. They are quite diverse in price but, expect to pay $50 and up for quality high end brands like American Apparel. During the day I’d wear my leggings with an equestrian or motorcycle boot. At night with a round toe high heel for instant sexy. If you dare to be hated on, I would pair with our Wardrobe Essential #1, The Jealousy Heel.

How do your wear your Cigarette Leggings?

Shoe Duality: X-Girl & Nike Sportswear Blazer Mid & Gianmarco Lorenzi Sandals

 You know…sometimes you wanna just do the sneakers and the next you have on a 6 inch heel. What’s your shoe duality like?

 X-Girl & Nike Sportswear Blazer Mid


Gianmarco Lorenzi Sandals

Glam Girl Tip: Now get this. You can wear either shoe with a tuxedo pant and a crisp white button down. Instant sexy…


Wardrobe Essential #2 The Romantic Ruffle Blouse

 The Romantic Ruffle Blouse is the ultimate top for Valentine’s Day flirting or a night out with the girls. For the true lovers at heart, these blouses are an expression of femininity and Parisian style. Every woman should have one in her closet to dress up your favorite jean or to pair with a high waist pant or skirt like singer Kelis did in her Bossy video.

Besides don’t you want to look as hot as Prince did in Purple Rain?