The GC Presents: Shop the Sale

Shop the Sale 10/29

Every week, we will style a set that features cool sale items from the web. For my frugalistas! The sets will also include low-cost items (that aren’t on sale), like the $30 blue Zara clutch above.

As always, happy shopping. Share with your friends, family and co-workers.


Combat Boot: Splurge or Save?

Bottega Veneta’s Tall Lace-Up Boots; $840 at

Black 1460 women’s Dr Marten Smooth;$115 at
Which would you buy?

Live From Paris: Chanel Spring 2010 Rocks Out

I know what you’re thinking. Is this No. It’s just my fave. I jumped off a bridge in an act of desperation when I saw yummy glam girl, Lily Allen (she’s the face of Chanel Cocoon) in this haute metallic and faux fur dress. The perfect mixture of elegance and rock culture couture.
Did you peep the couple above a la Opening Ceremony? Still waiting on a celeb couple to make a move with the matching outfits. The cute Asian model above is haute. Why don’t I ever get to see her more frequently? Sometimes I get tired of seeing Lily Cole…well at second thought, maybe not. I see you Karl Lagey hunnie. Work those western boots. I love this collection. The lace up platforms, futuristic Chanel tweed suits and so much black and white.

Are These In Your Closet?

Have you ever had shoes that didn’t look quite right until you put them on? Well meet the bow-embellished pumps by Chloe. They look great on the model. I would definitely put someone conservative and a little older in these. I just want to know…are these in your closet?

Shoe Glam

Bruno Frisoni’s strappy Fan Sandal (pictured above) is different. That’s why I like it. Let’s see what celebrity pops up with these in the next few weeks.

Alice & Olivia For Payless!

These shoes are completely sold out! I tried to purchase them via cell phone at a GC dinner meeting but grew frustrated from all the uploading. I waited to late and now the cupcakes that were only $50 are gone. RIP to the Madison boot. I’m rolling my eyes if I see you with them.

Lacoste Got Those Scooby Doo’s

These sneakers are so hot. The sad thing is you probably wont be able to get them. Lacoste and Sneakernstuff teamed up with Stockholm, Germany street legend Jonas Wienhager to make the glam that these are. Only 124 pairs will be released in Stockholm, Germany at the Sneakernstuff store on September 24th.

The color and design attract my eye. Wish they were here in the states.

Haute Shoes

Check out these hot booties by Barbara Bui!

And these sexy militant boots by Alexander Wang:

These boots are only $522. I’m going to need a non-recessionista to hop on that. Thank You

(Sigh) I love shoes sooooo much. These are hot, hot, haute!