Morning Drool: Lanvin for H&M Full Lookbook

The verdict is in Lanvin for H&M’s collection. Verdict: drop dead gorgeous dresses,accessories and shoes. True Euro chic and glamour. Now if you think you can wear any of the Lanvin frocks to a date or out with the girls, pump your breaks. This collection was created for red carpet premiers and A-list gatherings. Check it:

My Loves From the Video/Wish List:

-The silk navy/black one shoulder cocktail dress (shown in the video still) with the huge shoulder details is stadium status! I would pair the dress with skin tight thigh high platform boots.

-I love the showcasing of how the mustard yellow one shoulder ruffle dress is age appropriate from 20 to 70-year-olds. Grandma was working it wasn’t she?

-The leopard print kitten heels with the silk tie around at the top.

-Got a small glimpse of a black taffeta peplum dress with exaggerated shoulders. So dark and romantic…preparing to clip someone up in the store for that piece.

-Are those Lanvin for H&M shoes that we see? I live!

-Question: How many confrontation swill I get into for the floral print dresses with the floral handbags? I’m ready like Alicia Keyyyyysss.

-The ruffled black dress with the elastic waist. Ovah.

What are your faves?


Glam Video: Hercules Magazine Issue 9 Behind the Scenes

Video Glam:

Rachel Zoe gives the “T” on season 3 of the Rachel Zoe Project:

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Damn. No gripes about her falling out with Taylor Jacobson. All the rumors were true…I’ll be watching. Sorry Rach, loves Taylor’s style.

VIDEO GLAM: Lady Gaga & Beyoncé Kill in "Telephone"

Lady Gaga & BeyoncĂ© Kill in “Telephone”

After watching this video I wanted to jump through the TV and kiss my two favorite divas. Quentin Tarantino let them borrow the infamous “Pussy Wagon” from his Kill Bill movie. Love the fashion and the concept. Enjoy. Here’s a link to the 11-minute video.


The Glam Commander xoxo

VIDEO GLAM: Michelle O Talks Fashion

 Michelle Obama briefly talked about how she picks her looks with Matt Lauer on Friday’s Today Show. She refers to her styling team as “people” and says that she sometimes plans two weeks worth of looks.

Kell On Earth Premieres On Bravo

In case you missed the first episode last night:

No excuses to not grind! Single mother and all Kelly gets it in. I died at the part where her daughter didin’t want to sit on any other row except the first. This is going to be a great show.