WTF?! Penis Pants?

Isabel Mastache’s publicity stunt trouser is definitely giving her the press that she’s seeking…your thoughts?


H&M’S Credibility Down the Drain Again

The German Financial Times has reported that H&M cotton apparel labeled “certified organic” is actually contaminated with genetically-modified cotton from India. Indian authorities say that the fraudulent behavior is taking place with retailers all over the world on a large scale. SMH. Some organic hippie will go from going green to going red…so watch out.

WTF?! Busy Giuseppe Sandal

These Giuseppe Zanotti sandals look like someone’s daughter made this in an art and crafts class at the YMCA. To make things worse, they are priced at $1980. Ha! Even though I love her, I fashion forecast Beyonce wearing these. This is a sad.

GLAM EXCLUSIVE: American Apparel Lookbook

American Pornshots Apparel has released the Spring 2010 Lookbook. Loving the looks and hating the 80’s poses. We get it American Apparel…you’re retro.

Well alright.

Balenciaga Sues Steve Madden

Other than a giveaway inside one shoe, can you tell the difference between Balenciaga’s Lego Heel of 2007 and Steve Madden’s inspired look? Well, looks may be deceiving but prices don’t lie. Balenciaga retailed the shoe for $4175, while Steve Madden sold theirs for $99.95. That’s 2% of Balenciaga’s price!
Balenciaga filed a lawsuit that claimed that Steve Madden “internationally copied” them.
Alexander McQueen filed a lawsuit for copying its black faithful bootie. SMH

WTF: Men’s Thigh High Boots?!

I died when I first saw these. The Men’s Thigh High Flats by Jamin Leather is a hot mess.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse:

I’m sure we all feel a little disturbed by this. If you don’t (and you’re a man) feel free to buy them for your male review debut here.

Sex In The City Zapatos?!

Can you believe this? The HBO Store has come up with some new Sex In The City stuff to sell I see. These flats were inspired by all the Manhattan fashionistas who swear by fab flats on the daily. They’re…okay SMH. They aren’t ugly shoes but at the same token, Carrie would not wear these. When I think of SATC  I think of something a little more glam than ballerina flats but hey, that’s just my opinion.
P.S. I can really cop these from Payless and be happy, though.

Dior’s New Cellie

I am so tired of covering designer phones. We’re really getting besides ourselves in this industry. I bet someone is reading this and contemplating pulling out the AMEX. Anywhoo, this is Christian Dior’s new black and gold Goldfinger phone.

There are five different flip designs that include black and white sapphire crystals, mother-of-pearl and gold diamonds. They range in price from $6,500 to $13,400. Are they f-ing serious?! The phone pictured above is can be manufactured through special ordering.

The phone comes with a “Mini Dior Phone” that is a tiny version of the actual phone. It can be clipped to the outside of a purse or jacket and allows you to place calls without having to pull out the actual phone. Okay…

P.S. The matching Bluetooth (yuck) handset is only $470. Enjoy!

Video Glam

 Just found this video about Lindsey Lo and the Emanuel Ungaro designers. It’s interesting because she’s so withdrawn and not the pretty girl that I was obsessed with before mean girls. I feel so bad for her…and her twitching…and the clothes. She look a hot damn mess with the Crockett hat and sequin linebacker blazer. Sigh.