How to Do Modern Grunge

Modern Grunge
Who remembers Guacamole in Georgetown? What about Smash? Add Urban Outfitters to the mix and you will find my teenage go to stores in DC! Fishnet tees and doc martens – it’s pretty safe to say that I haven’t changed much. As you get older, the idea should stay the same but the styling should change – think fuzzy sweatshirts with plaid maxis or high heeled moto booties. Add a designer back pack too and make Kurt Cobain proud.
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Style on Set

Style on Set
I’m looking to build my portfolio this year and have quite a few photo shoots to style and schedule. Of course I’m excited because it’s my shoots, my way! Although I am seriously connected to menswear, I love a luxury gown with a snapback – that’s just the Che way.
I will post sets that I have styled and photo inspiration to share with you all. Don’t mind me. I’m just sucking up all the good fashion vibes in around me. Make sure to check back for photos and video from the shoots and behind the scenes footage on set. Are you following us on Insta-GLAM? Our handle is @glamcommander, please follow and we’ll follow back.

Shop the Sale 11/07

Shop the Sale 11/07