7 Looks That Will Make You Buy a Sequin Skirt


Blake Lively played with textures, color and length with her multicolored sequin skirt. I love the shirt peeking underneath!


Curvy girls, you are not left out of this trend! Her shape fills the skirt, while the crop top adds an element of sexiness.


The key to owning this trend is the simplicity. Minimal jewelry/accessories please – the skirt is the bling!


Add depth to your sequin skirt with fashion’s other beloved trend – mixed prints.


Who knew? Mermaids look great with sleeveless blouses. Great for my conservative Glamazons.


Grunge in the house!


After 5 cocktail look.

Georgetown Favor





Photographed by: Sadrea Muhammad of cre8tivejunkie.com

I have leaked pics all week of the amazing shoot that I had last weekend in Georgetown with photographer, Sadrea Muhammad. In this two-part style post, you will see the beauty of minimalism happen in one of DC’s most gorgeous and  historic neighborhoods. 

 Sadrea and I did not discuss a vision beforehand and I styled  myself only an hour before our scheduled meeting time. Since the phrase “Less is more” is an ongoing theme in my styling career, I wanted to showcase that. Gone are the days of over-dressing. Personality is the best accessory that one can wear – and I like to use mine as my statement piece.
 The style from my first look was an inspiration to me when I was 17. There was an awesome store in Georgetown named Guacamole, and it carried punk fashion. I fell head over heels for it! It helped me start creating who I wanted to be and it was at that store that I began to tell the world who I was.
 I am on the edge and I haven’t stopped telling the world since.
overalls, oxford shoes-urbanoutfitters.com
bra, garter belt and thigh high stockings-victoriassecret.com



How to Dress For Colored Hair


Hair coloring has been around since 3400 B.C., when the Egyptians used Henna to hide gray hairs. Platinum blond hair became popular during the 1930’s, but the punk scene (1970’s) gave birth to one of today’s most popular trends, colored hair.

Colored hues of hair is cool, no? But how do you dress around your new purple tresses? I’ve had purple, blue, pink, white and green hair and must say that it instantly changes your style options. No worries! Below you will find a few style tips for rockin’ colored hair.

Know Neutrals

Colored hair looks best with neutral colored clothing. You don’t want your hair to ‘compete’ with other colors. Think all black or nude.

Let Your Accents Be Colored

Don’t put those purple heels away so soon! Colored hair works well with colored accents. Since the rest of your palette is neutral, it doesn’t hurt to have sunnies, shoes or a scarf in a bold color.

Don’t Skip On the Makeup

You are beautiful, I know. I’ve liked all of your ‘no filter’ pics on Instagram. But if you want to rock your hair and not let it rock you, you will need something for it to go against. A nice eye and a colored lipstick will go along way. Without it, your look will be flat and we never want that.

Don’t Let Dye Jobs Die

Keep up with bleaching your roots and dye jobs. If this isn’t your thing, then you should reconsider having colored hair, altogether. It’s so high maintenance!

If All Else Fails, Call the GC

If you’re still unsure of how to rock your new colored hair, call the GC and we will help! Give us a call at (202) 413-1046 or shoot us an email at glamourcommander@gmail.com.

Look Inspiration-Checkered Lumberjack Shirt




Loving this look. I like the element of surprise, with the white shoes! Will you reinvent this look? If so, send a pic of you to glamourcommander@gmail.com. I would love to see what you come up with.


Add Depth to Your Looks With Shoes


If wardrobe stylists don’t know anything else,  they understand and love the power of a shoe. Shoes drive your look, so making great selections are always a must.

There are three style tricks that I use to make statements with my clients’ looks: Play with color, adding elements of surprise, and using shoes to tone a look up/down.  If you need help with your shoe selections, leave a comment below or shoot an email to glamourcommander@gmail.com.

#1 Play with Color!

You can use shoe color to make your everyday look, graduate to high fashion. Wearing a monochromatic look? Wear a shoe in a completely different color. This will make your look pop. If wearing lipstick, refrain from matching lipstick with shoes…unless you want to party like it’s 1989!



Another trick that you can use, is wearing a neutral palette and adding shoes in a bold, rich color. Your mirror, boyfriend, cat, dog and nanny will thank you.


#2 Add An Element of Surprise

When you put on sweatpants,  wearing sneakers or Uggs is an organic thought. Get rid of your preconceived thoughts of personal style and go out on a limb!  Introduce an element of surprise by, pairing shoes with looks that you wouldn’t normally wear them with. Wearing heels with sweatpants is a good example of how you can make it work.


#3 Use Shoes to Take It Up or Tone it Down

If your look is plain, go for a shoe that demands attention. If your look is busy, your shoe should be simple in design or in a neutral tone(think nude). Rihanna wears busy jeans below, with a simple, strappy sandal. Your shoes and clothes should never compete, edit your look accordingly!


Stay Fly,

Chela xoxo

How To Choose A Personal Wardrobe Stylist


Personal stylist. Personal shopper. Wardrobe stylist. These are all terms that you now hear on a regular basis, thanks to their contributions to pop culture via your favorite celebrities. Wardrobe stylists are now just as a famous as the people that they style, and are highly respected for the memorable looks that they put together.

But how do you get one? Personal stylists are easier to hire than they were 10 years ago. Partly because, there are more professionals in the field with different specialties. Some stylists work exclusively with corporate clientele, while other stylists only do editorial work. It is totally up to you to decide where and how a personal stylist should fit into your lifestyle. With so many personal stylists out there, how do you choose? Below you will find a small guide that will help you pick the perfect stylist for you!

Pay Attention To the Stylists’ Style

Now, stylists aren’t 100% fabulous 24/7. We stuff our faces, go for a run and get bloated from time to time just like everyone else. As a matter of fact, when I met Sex in the City stylist Patricia Field in New York, she was shopping in Uggs, Levi’s jeans and a Rocawear jacket…yet she was still stylish and cleans up quite nicely. Even when your stylist is dressed down, there look should show some attention to detail. A ring, nice hair color, a purple purse instead of black, etc., can give you a preview of how they might style you. If they don’t put effort into their look while meeting up with you, pass. Would Tony Hawk show up to give you skateboarding lessons without a skateboard?

Your Stylist Shouldn’t Try to Change You…

…unless you ask. Great stylists understand how to respect their clients personal style while introducing a few new things that the client might like. If you find your personal stylist shoving their personal fashion agenda down your throat, let them know that you have not signed up for that! Your dream stylist will know how to add and remove their personal tastes from your shopping sessions so they can create YOUR vision.

Is Your Stylist True to Themselves?

This one is pretty simple.If your personal stylist isn’t sure of who they are, how will they style you? Look for confidence and true personal style.

Discuss Your Budget

Don’t shy away from a discussion on financials. The last thing that you need is an invoice sent to you with a budget that you cannot afford. Discuss what you are willing to pay. If the service that you want is too expensive, ask about cheaper services or shop around for a stylist that offers a lower price.

FYI, the cheaper stylist is not always the best and vice versa. Quality is what you should look for in your personal stylist. Consider your personal shopping experience an investment in yourself. Good luck with finding your personal wardrobe stylist! Please share your stories below or email them to glamourcommander@gmail.com.

As always, I am available for personal wardrobe shopping for you at http://www.glamourcommander.com.

Stay Fly, Che xoxo